Chassis Preparation

A lot of people race their cars without doing any special prep work to the carbon fiber chassis.  You can do the same if you are in a hurry, but I encourage you to spend some time on the chassis.

I like to carefully sand, glue, and re-sand the edge of each carbon fiber part (chassis, shock towers, upper deck, etc).  By doing these steps, the chassis and other carbon fiber parts are less likely to crack during a wreck.  Additionally, the carbon fiber parts will look a lot better when properly prepared, which is awesome when you are busy bench racing.

The first step is to gently sand the edges of the carbon fiber parts using 800 grit sand paper.  Don’t sand the surfaces, which are already smooth.  Only sand the edges.

The next step is to apply a thin amount of CA glue to the edge.

Let the glue dry overnight.

Then re-sand the edge with 800 grit sand paper.

Once you have the edge as smooth as you can get it with 800 grit, wipe the surface clean with a paper towel and then switch to 2000 grit sand paper.  Use the 2000 grit sand paper until the edge is as smooth as a piece of glass.  When you are done, the edge surface should be smooth and shiny.

Follow these steps for all of the carbon fiber parts.  In the TC6 kit I am building, I choose to apply these steps to the chassis, both shock towers, the upper deck, and the battery tray mounts.

Here are the properly prepared carbon fiber parts.  Notice that I only worked on the exterior edges.  I did not work on the interior edges or screw holes, since that would be both considerably more work and considerably less useful.

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