Suspension – Make sure it does not bind

When assembling the suspension, it is possible that the arms will bind when you tighten the screw to mount the suspension arms to the bulkheads.  You need to take special care to avoid this problem.

When you get ready to tighten the screws into the bulkheads, make sure there is some play between the suspension arm and the spacers.

The easiest way to make sure there is a little bit of play is to push the suspension arm toward the screw that you are tightening.  This is will prevent the suspension holder from rotating toward the suspension arm as you tighten the screw.  This will ensure that some play exists and the arm does not bind.  If the arm does bind, loosen the screw and try again.

Take your time with this step.  If the suspension arm binds, your car will not handle consistently.  It is very important to get this step right.

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